Don't breed or buy while    homeless pets die!        

  Don't breed or buy while    homeless pets die!      

All proceeds go to ARC!

$10,000 raised to help homeless animals!

Thanks to all who donated or came and bid!

Gift wrapping at Columbia Mall

Sat & Sun, Dec 8-9 & 15-16    12:00 'til 4:00

Fri -Sun, Dec 21-23                 11:00 'til 4:00

Mon, Dec 24                             11:00 'til 3:00

Looking for a high quality dog food? Discover

Fish 4 Dogs, now being distributed from Berwick! Using the discount code above links ALL your purchases to ARC! Each purchase helps fund our shelter! 

Monthly Community Involvement Meeting

If YOU  have interest in helping homeless dogs and cats, come talk with us and others

like you at our monthly meetings to see how YOU  can make a difference!

People who care about animals meet the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 at the 

Community of Christ Church, corner of Market and 8th St, Bloomsburg

Come see how you can help out!

For more information, call Cathy at 570-271-0545