Don't breed or buy while    homeless pets die!        

  Don't breed or buy while    homeless pets die!      

dog kennels & play yards


kottage & Juvenille room

ARC has 2 separate adult cat colonies.  Each colony has daily access to their own fresh air, fenced-in porch.  Each colony holds approximately a dozen adult cats.  This number is limited to ensure the health and happiness of our cats.  When one is adopted, we will have an opening for another cat in need.

All of our dogs have private kennels, receive daily walks on our 20 acre property, and have access to our play yards and outside kennels with beautiful  views of our countryside property. 

Adult cat colonies

​​​  The Animal Resource Center (ARC) of Bloomsburg PA is a no-kill, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to provide temporary shelter for homeless, abused, and neglected domestic animals; educate the public on the welfare and care of cats and dogs; and act as advocates for animal rights. We are also dedicated to promoting the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs; thereby, reducing the number of animals who are homeless, unwanted or destroyed.

Our kittens are separated by age into two different buildings.  Our younger kittens live and play inside our Kitten Kottage.  Our older kittens live and play together in our Juvenille room.

See animal abuse or neglect in PA? Call local police or the abuse & neglect hotline if police do not resolve the matter, 866-601-7722!