Don't breed or buy while    homeless pets die!        

  Don't breed or buy while    homeless pets die!      

contact ARC

​​To contact ARC, call 570-784-3669.  You may also contact ARC by filling out the form to the right.

To adopt a dog, call ARC at the above number or email Vicki at

To surrender a dog, you MUST complete the dog surrender form on the Dog Surrender tab of this website.

To adopt or surrender a cat, call the number above, or email Melissa at

If you would like to volunteer with our fundraisers and events, please call ARC or come to our monthly meetings, see Events tab for details.

For questions about volunteering, with our animals,  please email  Please note:  You MUST be 18 yrs of age to volunteer with are animals due to insurance.  Also, due to training time, we can only accept volunteers willing to make a long term commitment of at least one 2 hr shift per week.

Volunteer options:

animal care

animal pictures, website, Facebook


baking/cooking for events

shelter maintanance

shelter laundry/cleaning 

grant writing

vet transport/pick up

There's a way everyone who loves animals can help! 

As we are all volunteers and most of us work full time jobs, please allow 48 hrs to return your message.

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